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Orbit the Space Fennec Plush


Orbit is a extraterrestrial fennec fox from space. He represents the 80 & 90s arcades and lazer tag. He sports a original arcade pattern bandana. This vibrant cutie is an original character and ready to invade your home for snuggles and playing video games!

Plush Details:
- Approx. 15 inches tall from feet to ear!
- Comes with his trademark bandana!

Please if you are NOT from the US, please check if your country has restrictions with mail due to COVID19.

We cannot ship to these countries at the moment

PLEASE NOTE DUE TO NEW EU LAWS WE ARE UNABLE TO SEND PLUSH "TOYS" TO ALL EU LOCATIONS. ORDER AT YOUR OWN RISK. We will define the product as a collectible item for ages 14 and up but there is still a chance it will be sent back to us. We are not liable for any fees that may incur when your package arrives. That is for you to pay on your end. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

This product will be CPSC Tested when bulk is made