Whiskey Dingo, Leon Fox and Maverick Round 3 plushes on their way to our location.

Sergal Fandom Plush


  • Image of Sergal Fandom Plush
  • Image of Sergal Fandom Plush
  • Image of Sergal Fandom Plush
  • Image of Sergal Fandom Plush
  • Image of Sergal Fandom Plush


Build-A-Fur by CorgiBeans is proud to announce their first Fandom series plush! The Sergal. Specifically Blue Cheese is our first Fandom series plushed. Designed by the furry fandom, for the furry fandom!

Blue cheese sits at about 12 inches tall and is adorned with faux fur, thick felt claws and embroidery

PLEASE NOTE: This is a preorder. We need 46 preorders to FUND the production of 100 plushes. This run is only for 100 plush toys, so act quickly and snag a plush today!

Once preorder amount is achieved, we will then produce 100 units of plushes. This will take around 2 months for 100 to produced and shipped via sea to our location.

Worried about your order?

Don't be! We are making it simple by organizing every preorder in a trello!
This queue will be updated often with updates such as additional preorders, manufacturing process and shipment process.

Trello Board:
Blue Cheese Trello Board

Still have more questions? Feel free to contact ammystartheforgi@gmail.com
We will do our best to answer any inquiries.

Please also note, if you are paying with Paypal, make sure you have selected the correct shipping address when you are checking out.

Please if you are NOT from the US, please check if your country has restrictions with mail due to COVID19.

We cannot ship to these countries at the moment


If you are expecting a address change, please leave a note in the order.

About plush
Plushes are intended for ages 15 and up. Once we have reached our preorder goal and are ready to produce in bulk, we will send a plush sample to BACL to test for safety and CPC certification.
Lab: http://www.baclcorp.com/


  • Sergal Plush and Pin
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  • Sergal Plush
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Image of Sergal Dangle Pin (Blue Cheese)
Sergal Dangle Pin (Blue Cheese)
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