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Synthwave Protogen Plush - IN STOCK

$39.99 - $64.99


Get your own Synthwave protogen plush, our original protogen character!

NEW! Now available: Synthwave Protogen Fursona Pin and plush bundle!!

(They do not have a gender so feel free to refer to them however you want! If you want a name to go with them, their unofficial name is Vice!)

These plushes are of highest quality. Made with complex embroideries and super soft material, heavily detailed designs, and lusciously long faux fur.

Plush sits around 11-12 inches tall

C-grades are not perfect, they may have missed print graphics on the plush or similar deformities

Please if you are NOT from the US, please check if your country has restrictions with mail due to COVID19.

We cannot ship to these countries at the moment

PLEASE NOTE DUE TO NEW EU LAWS WE ARE UNABLE TO SEND PLUSH "TOYS" TO ALL EU LOCATIONS. ORDER AT YOUR OWN RISK. We will define the product as a collectible item for ages 14 and up but there is still a chance it will be sent back to us. We are not liable for any fees that may incur when your package arrives. That is for you to pay on your end. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

If you should have any questions or concerns please feel free to message us via email at [email protected] or message us on our webstore. Thank you!

About plush
Plush is CPC Certified and has passed CPSC and ASTM requirements.
Plush Collectible has been lab tested using Bay Area Compliance Lab Corp.

Thanks for your interest!